Husqvarna Service Manual

It irritates me immensely when people try to charge money for manuals that they didn’t even scan that they just happened to find, freely available on the internet. It’s a jerkwad way to make a buck. I bought a frozen up Husqvarna 1030, I guess mostly because I’m a masochist, and some website had a service manual for the 6000 series (with instructions for earlier models as well) for sale that I almost spent $10 bucks on. Happily, I happened to find the exact same manual FOR FREE on It’s available here in a variety of formats to download. Pdf version below. May you have better luck on your Vikings than I’m currently having–previous owners have broken the knobs from trying to force frozen parts, parts won’t free up even with the wd40/hair dryer treatment, goobered up motor areas that have my hands and everything in a 6ft radius all sooted up. Can’t win ’em all, I guess.


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