Worst. Blogger. Ever.

In a year, this is my only blog post. I facebook things sometimes, but have the stomach for it less and less. It’s hard to log on to that or my newsfeeds and see things like rhino breed pronounced extinct juxtaposed with I saved $30 couponing or this new keratin treatment is sooo amazing omg. People act like the Internet changed everything for my generation, this strange generation on the cusp of digital nativity and free range disconnected existence. I don’t think it’s the Internet so much as the cell phone and the development of our willingness to be constantly in contact. There’s an inner wilderness that demands conservation. Though I used to blog my ephemeral overwrought gooey feelings quite prolifically, I find it difficult to put much out there these days. And the more voices chatter on, the less anyone listens, I suspect. 

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