Nothing Changes on New Year’s Day

Remember when U2 was good? Me, neither, I think I was a zygote. Ah, but once. There was a time when they were…oh, Bono, in your bemulleted Joshua Tree Days.

But about new years.

One of my resolutions is: to work more diligently at the writerly blog. I used to keep one, back before my Internet puberty hit and I began to distrust everyone and feel a need to mask my interior life a little better. And to log IP addresses.

I’m still uncertain of how to navigate the personal/public divide that the internet so problematizes. So all I can promise is some half formed essayistic rambles from time to time, and a kind of collection of things that inspire or intrigue my consciousness. A newsfeed of things on my brain. Mostly though, hopefully, a nest of inspirations.

My goal is two posts per week. Even I can manage to take note of a few things I find stimulating or invigorating or challenging to my worldview a week. A few things to incite me to engage more fully with the world than I was doing before I noticed them.

I have interest ADD, so I offer no promises what these might be. You, oh Gentle Reader, might be stuck with knitting patterns, gardening tips and memes trashing Monsanto. I also might, at times, become a bit tiresome in my gender/class warrior modes. I also might bore you with a barrage of recipes and productivity hacks and interior design enthusiasms because I’m domestic like that. You’ve been warned.

We’ll see how this all plays out.

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