Mystery Sewing Machine ID

I’ve spent most of my night trying to identify a machine. I was fascinated by it because although it was labeled as a Singer the people listing it couldn’t get the wooden case off. In the pictures they posted, only what appears to be a white hand crank handle and a low bobbin winder are visible.


Fascinating, yes? I can’t find any Singer models with white or porcelain hand crank handles in that style. For awhile I thought it might be a Frister Rossman hand crank, since those often have the white handle and the fancy inlay in the case visible in this photo:


Those decals don’t look like anything I could find, either. The case is unlike any Singer cases I could find, though it definitely resembles a Frister Rossman. Here is the machine in question:


machine2 machine3 machine5

And below are some examples of Frister Rossman machines with similar cases:


But unlike the Frister Rossmans, it has a low bobbin winder that seems to have the heart shaped cam mechanism similar to a Singer. The Frister Rossmans I’ve seen have a different design that lacks that rounded shape. I’ve seen Jones wooden cases that look similar, and Vestas sometimes use the cam on the bobbin winder.

I even tried using the key to identify the machine, but so far, no luck. Singers don’t typically have the teeth on the key as this one does. Treadleon discusses this (here) and explains that usually the older European sewing machines are the ones that do. Another site with replacement keys (here) has a similar one that is described as fitting most Vestas, Frister Rossmans and transverse shuttle machines. I know very little about transverse shuttle machines except that they take a needle that’s no longer manufactured (12×1) which is a pain.

So after about five hours of Google sleuthing, I’m still stumped. Excited to see what it is.


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