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I hate it when people charge money for sewing machine manuals. Vintage sewing machine fanatics seem to give so freely of their knowledge and experience on the web that selling manual scans seems gross somehow. So…more of this as I find it! If this is helpful to you, please leave a comment and feel free to tell me all about your beloved Necchis. It is so very good to talk about obsessive interests with friendlies.

99 Ideas for Creative Sewing (1956) Came with Necchi Supernovas. Download it from this page (bless you, original poster. Bless you!)

Necchi Lelia 513 Manual, found on Tammy’s Craft Emporium, which is a delightful blog of all things vintage sewing. May Crom bless Tammy too for posting this to her blog:

And all of the following come from the person who created the page. We have similar views on how sewing machine manuals should be out there for all to enjoy and cuss over our repairs as one happy collective well armed with information, and typically I wouldn’t direct link, but s/he wants the info spread to anyone who needs it. I love the way s/he thinks. That page has:

Necchi BU Nova Manual: ,

Necchi BU Nova Instructions:

Necchi BU Mira Manual:,,

Necchi WonderWheel information:

Necchi Service Manual (which made me almost incontinent with joy when I downloaded it!):

Necchi Model List:


22 thoughts on “Free Necchi Manual Links”

    1. Hmm, I’m not familiar with the model that you’re using, but in my experience usually if the bobbin isn’t filling at all, it’s one of three things. A thread problem, where maybe the tension isn’t correct or is threaded wrong. Another possibility is that if the machine is vintage and uses a bobbin winder that has a rubber tire, sometimes they become hard and brittle and don’t grip enough on the handwheel to actually turn and wind the thread. A final possibility I’ve seen is where the bobbin isn’t stable on the little metal bobbin winder rod piece that it sits on. If the bobbin can move or spin on the bobbin winder, it won’t get any traction and can’t pick up the thread or will do so very unevenly. Because contemporary bobbins are usually not machined as well as vintage ones, the hole in your bobbin may be a fraction of a millimeter too large. I have worked around this problem in the past by using a tiny piece of a rubber band or tape jammed in between the bobbin winder metal rod and the actual bobbin so that it sits tightly on the rod and spins. You may want to check that the bobbin is the correct one for your machine, too, since there are so many types and even though they look the same a few millimeters makes all the difference. I hope this helps!

  1. Thank you for the Necchi 522 Manual. My daughter received one from her mother-in-law who passed and we have been searching for a manual. Had given up hope in finding one for free. Was about to pay for a photocopy when I found your site. I have taken the time to clean and restore the machine, but could not locate a manual. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you ever so much.

    1. Hi, I don’t think I have a manual for that particular model but the BU one may be pretty similar. If I remember correctly the difference may have been that the BF was the straight stitch only machine and the BU had zig zag, but otherwise very similar machines. There used to be an old Necchi group on yahoo or there’s a vintage sewing machine group on Facebook where someone may have the manual you need.

  2. muchas gracias por tu aporte muchas gracias, oye referente al grupo de facebook al que te refieres, no lo encontre se llama asi solo necchi??

    1. Hi Brad! Unfortunately I don’t have the manual for that model. I did find a site that has it for sale ( and they have a diagram here:

      But your best resource to find a free one might be Facebook vintage sewing machine groups. Sorry I can’t be more help.

  3. I HAVE A NECCHI OMEGA 6022 for which I cannot find my instruction manual. I don’t know how to thread it or anything else. Do you have any info for me?

    1. Hi Penny! I don’t have the manual for that one, but threading doesn’t change too much from one machine to another as long as the parts are similar. From what I can tell from photos, that machine should probably thread the same as the diagram here:

      If not, that site has a wonderful threading section where you could look through Necchi models to see if you can try to find a similar model.

  4. I have my mothers Model BU (Nova?) purchased on payments in 1951 and my mother-in-laws
    Mirella RPC from 1956? I don’t have a use or care book for the Mirella. Any information for purchasing belts?
    This is a great page and wonderful to read. Thank you!

    1. Very neat that you still have machines that have been in your family for generations! Unfortunately I don’t think I have any information on the Mirella, but I have found that for most sewing machines with an externally mounted motor, stretch belts work beautifully. If you use a string to measure the length of your original belt it can help you figure out which ballpark size you need, and they slip on pretty easily, which is always nice.

  5. I am at the end of my tether, I was given a Necchi model number sub 22 but no manual so I don’t know how to set dials so I can sew some projects I have in my mind HELP PLEASE SOMEONE

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