Slant-O-Matic 401 love.

slant2This beauty arrived today. It sews the most consistent, artisanal stitches this sewing noob has ever seen. It’s smooth as butter, even without a servicing, though I will probably take her in for one soon as a courtship gesture in what I’m sure will be a long, intimate relationship between us.

However, having experienced firsthand the wonder of midcentury craftsmanship, I’m afraid my love/hate relationship with ebay will grow only more volatile. I have this dream of fixing up my garage and trying to learn to salvage and fine tune old pieces like this, technohippie that I am, loving both the idea of saving fine work from the landfill and the possibility of doing meaningful work with my hands/elbows/knees covered in grease. Time to start frequenting flea markets again.

What to make to christen her? Something denim with obscene amounts of topstitching, perhaps?

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